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Europe for all

EUROPE FOR ALL is a private institute operating all around the Italian territory. It was founded in 2010 by a group young people to promote educational and training programmes both at European and International level, aiming to develop skills and human resources while improving the European labor market. EUROPE FOR ALL is strictly connected to the territory; in fact, we cooperate successfully with a great number of companies, institutions, schools, municipalities and organizations. We are an active association and always looking for new public and private institutions we would like to work with, creating new partnership and projects to realize together.

Through the constant commitment of all the members, the association promotes intercultural exchanges. EUROPE FOR ALL improves the educational and vocational system through a variety of activities in order to strengthen the awareness of being part of Europe/to strengthen the awareness of the European dimension.

– Promotion of European pathways for work-linked training, including language learning;
– Organization and management of cultural exchanges with European Union member countries and non EU countries
– Orientation and training courses, qualifying and re-qualifying courses, refresher courses for – European a non European people;
– Preparation for departure courses for transnational mobility projects;
– Language and educational courses for trainees;
– Job training courses

Achievement we point to Motivate participants involved in training courses to develop skills and abilities and let students be able to adapt themselves to the EU-wide labour market;
support improvements in quality and innovation in systems, institutions and practices of education and professional training;
Encourage people to learn foreign languages;
Improve the quality of mobility projects in Europe;
Better the relationship between the existing different mobility and learning organizations;
Promote the creation of new educational and training initiatives;
Encourage the development of innovative ICT-based content, services and practice in the lifelong learning field.

Our mission is to provide our participants with all the means needed to build their professional future by giving them the opportunity to have a practical experience abroad and to improve their language skills.

For this purpose, we manage different programmes co-financed by the European Union, we also work with schools, public institution and organization interested in developing new projects aimed at young generations.

The main ambition of Europe for all is to encourage cultural exchanges to enrich the professional and personal life of each European citizen. The main ambition of Europe for all is to encourage cultural exchanges to enrich the professional and personal life of each European citizen.

Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji

Foundation “Research and Innovation in Education Institute” [INBIE] is a NGO Institution situated in Czestochowa – Poland, founded in 2014. INBIE promote equal educational opportunities to all social groups, and fight against social exclusion and support adult people at risk of marginalization.
INBIE cooperate closely with formal and non-formal educational Institutions, local authorities, and Czestochowa Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations.
The target group are adults from 50+ years willing to develop new skills and competences that allows them to re-join the work force and search for better life chances. The foundation achieves its objectives through:
1. Research in the field of science, Non-formal education, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions, care and social assistance;
2. Supporting the development of local communities, NGOs and other institutions operating for the public good in various fields of social life (education, science, culture, information technology, environment, entrepreneurship, social assistance and charity);
3. Conducting and supporting information and education activities in the field of civil society development and the development of science, including the provision of training and advice;
4. Organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, fairs, courses, exhibitions, study visits;
5. Collection of data and information and conducting research on social activity and participation of citizens in public life and dissemination of the results and conclusions of these studies;
6. Establishing cooperation with local and foreign institutions, whose activities are conducted in a similar range;
7. Running a publishing to implement our statutory objectives: analysis, evaluation, publication and dissemination of the results obtained from research.

Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji
Learnmera logo

Learnmera Oy

Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area , which provides business language lessons,translations and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ course sin English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation,website creation and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online has had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day. Learnmera Oy have been active within different European projects since 2008. In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services specially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence. A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found here.

APDI Group

Professional Group for International Development APDI (Agrupación de Profesionales para el Desarrollo Internacional APDI) is a Group of Entities cooperating at international level, selected of entities with recognized prestige in their field of actions, training and consulting projects with the aim to intervene and improve in the personal, professional and social level. Their staff and territories where they operate, together with synergies they create, lead to a better future of the community as a whole.

Guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), APDI has a presence on four continents and specializes in obtaining, managing and implementing international projects with Multilateral Funds, especially with European Union Funds.

Our training-centres are based in Spain (Granada, Madrid) and in Honduras (Tegucigalpa) with extensive experience in trainings for a first job placement, as to recycling and qualification of active workers, and to any person in general who wants to improve his/her skills, seeking specialization which helps to achieve working objectives.

APDI Group
Osmaniye İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü

Osmaniye İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü

Osmaniye Provincial Directorate of National Education is a governmental organisation in charge With the planning and coordination of all kind of educational and training activities from pre-school to the end of secondary school, vocational high schools, technical schools and adult education institutions&centres in its region.There is 1 director, 9 deputy directors,20 school inspectors. Osmaniye Provincial Directorate of National Education is responsible for about 419 schools, 7462 teachers and 123017 students, in its region and responsible for any kind of educational facilities.There are also 2 adult education centers in our city and more than 85.000 adults (+14 years old) attend at various educational,vocational and trainings activities.All kind of adult trainings activities are organized and inspected by a deputy director and adult training office in our directorate. Adult education is also one of my directorate’s priorities.Because well educated and well
trained adults raise their children more consciously and help to built a community living in harmony and peace and respect each other .This will be agreat step for being european citizen.
Main duties of Osmaniye Provincial Directorate of National Education are as follows:
-Administrative services
-Personel Services
-Education-Training Services
-Budget-Investment Services
-Research-Planning-Statistics Services
-Inspection-Guidance-Investigation Services
-Civil Defense Services

Institution – vhs Pforzheim-Enzkreis

Institution – vhs Pforzheim-Enzkreis
The adult education centre of Pforzheim is one of the 173 adult educations centres in the region of Baden Württemberg. The adult education centre offers an educational program in the following pedagogical fields: languages, health, creativity, political education, philosophy, psychology, literature, vocational training, language course for migrants and intercultural training for migrants. The vhs Pforzheim has an important role in the cultural life of the city.
In the field of train, the trainer education the director of the vhs created a curriculum for teachers based on the idea of systemic constructivistic teaching and learning.
The vhs Pforzheim is also member of the municipal association of international communication and integration.
The vhs Pforzheim is also involved in the education for sustainable development. The adult education centre created properly for this subject an educational area collaborating with other partner institutions in this area.
The vhs Pforzheim employs 40 employees (paid staff) and 600 free lancers. The vhs generates about 40.000 hours of education a year. That means more than 2000 seminars, courses and trainings a year.

Institution – vhs Pforzheim-Enzkreis


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